Journal of Apiculture
(1986~) ISSN 1225-0252
ver. 2018.06.24

Editorial board (June 2018-March 2020)

Editor-in-Chief Chuleui Jung (Andong National University, Korea)
Managing editor Jun-hyung Tak (Seoul National University, Korea)

Editorial Board Members
Diversity S. Wongsiri (Thailand), Jungwook Kim (USA), Heung-Sik Lee (QIA, Korea), SeungHwan Lee(SNU, Korea), Iksoo Kim(CNU, Korea)
Biology I. Kandemir (Turkey), Kilwon Kim (INU, Korea), Hyoung-Wook Kwon(INU, Korea). Kwang Pum Lee(SNU, Korea)
Health R. Thapa (Nepal), Q, Diao (China), YongSoo Choi(NIAS, Korea), Misun Yoo (QIA, Korea), Hyekyung Kim (KNCAF, Korea), Dongwon Kim (NIAS, Korea)
Pollination W. Jie (China), Yong-lak Park (USA), M.S. Reddy (India), InGyun Park(NIAS, Korea), HyungJoo Yoon(NIAS, Korea), Kyeongyong Lee (NIAS, Korea)
Bee flora Joo-Sang Chung(SNU, Korea), Moonsub Kim(NIFoS), Youngki Park (NIFoS, Korea), JeongHo Song (NIFoS, Korea),
Bee products S. Kumazawa (Japan), Ki-Young Kim (KHU, Korea), SangMi Han(NIAS, Korea), Yoon-Kyu Lim(JNU, Korea), Mok-Ryeon Ahn(DU, Korea), Myung-Sang Kwon(GNU, Korea)

Scope: Journal of Apiculture (ISO abbreviation as J. Apic. Shortly JA) inherits the volume and page number of Korean Journal of Apiculture in 2011, which was originally published from 1986. The journal is the official scientific journal of the Asian Apicultural Association (AAA) published by the Apicultural Society of Korea (ASK). It is published quarterly per year (April 30, June 30, September 30, and November 30). The journal aims to bring together basic and applied research papers on honeybee and related hymenopteran insects, honey and bee-products, and pollination. The scope encompasses from Apiculture to agriculture, forestry, food science, medical and veterinary importance. Articles considered for publication include original research paper, mini-reviews, short communications, technical reports, invited articles and current topics. Details can be found

Call for the paper: The manuscript submitted with “Submission checklist and copyright transfer form” to the journal (, will be systematically reviewed by the journal’s reviewing policy. Manuscripts not meeting the scope or standards for publication can be immediately returned to the authors, without further review process. The Journal follows ethical guideline, Guidelines on Good Publication Practice by the Committee on Public Ethics (COPE). After review process from more than 2 reviewers, decision for further process can be made by the editorial board. The journal charges for the article processing fee of 150 USD for a paper within 15 pages. Authors from developing countries could be waivered for the charge. Express publication (3 wks) charges 300 USD .

ASK retains the exclusive copyright to reproduction and distribution of the Journal publication. When used, Journal and authors are to be properly cited. Subscription of the journal printed is 50,000 KRW/yr but online contents are freely available from

Total or parts of the articles are abstracted in DOI/Crossref, RISS, Google Scholar, DBpia and KCI. The Journal follows an open access policy with xml ( The journal is partly supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies Grant, MEST, and Korean Research Foundation. The journal is printed by Junghaengsa, Inc.

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